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  • Raneesha W.
    I absolutely adore it. I love how large it is, the clarity, and quality of the print. It came a little late but honestly it was more than worth it. If you’re on the fence about making a purchase, do it. You won’t regret it. I’m definitely going to recommend this.
  • Mindy
    highly recommend getting this!! it was absolutely perfect and came out exactly as i wanted. i also highly recommend choosing 10 pics as any slots without a pic is printed out as a blank (i only chose 9 so the last slide was a film w a flower on it). it shipped pretty quickly too!
  • Honam S.
    I am beyond pleased with the results of my purchase. I bought these socks as a gift for my niece’s birthday and asked her to send me a picture of them upon arrival. They exceeded my expectations and she absolutely loved them.
  • Gladys S.
    I am very pleased and satisfied with my experience. It's such a great product. I compared the original photo of my dog and the blanket that I ordered and got from BestChristmasGifts and I literally burst into tears! It's amazing!
  • Luke K.
    When the product arrived I loved it immediately, but it it had some scratches on it and didn't look completely clear. Then I noticed that there is a film over the glass to protect it. It's tough to get that first corner up, but once you do the rest can be peeled off with ease. All the scratches went away and the glass was clear and BEAUTIFUL! I definitely will recommend this product in the future!
  • Brianna Ybarra
    I was skeptical at first about how the images would turn out but after receiving my item (quicker than expected too) I am extremely pleased with it. The pictures look just as good as in the listing and I'm excited to give it to my friend as a gift. Brought this as a gift for my partner for their birthday and when it arrived I just HAD to get another one for myself. Absolutely beautiful and such a sentimental gift. Highly recommend.
  • Delaney Worley
    Overall I’m very satisfied with this product and happy I made the purchase. My only suggestion for anyone ordering a custom puzzle is to choose the picture wisely. Picture quality is good. The pieces fit together nicely. I would recommend this purchase to anyone that enjoys puzzles.
  • Basser
    Ordered a memorial puzzle of my aunt for my grandma it arrived really fast. I told the seller it was a gift and when we received it it was even wrapped it came out perfect. I just ordered two of my grandpa I can’t wait to see how they come out thank you so much
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